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Camping Lights Belong To A Kind Of Outdoor Tourism Lighting Lamps

Cangnan Younglite Electrical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

Camping lights are provided in the camp for lighting, scaring off beasts, directing camp locations, and are movable lamps.

Camping Lamp Selection Method: Small, light, light. The size of the best not more than an Apple 4 mobile phone, the weight should not exceed 200 grams, Camping Light the field is very open, brightness in the field to reduce a lot, Camping Light so the demand for brightness higher.

Camping lights are provided in the camp for lighting, scaring off beasts, directing camp locations, and are movable lamps. Camping lights belong to an outdoor tourism, camping, mountain climbing, exploration of the use of lighting, with easy to carry, wind and rain prevention advantages, mainly by lampholders, lampshade, top cover, batteries, switching switches and LED lights, the use of battery power to install in the lampshade LED lights glow, thus providing sufficient light source. With the continuous improvement of production technology, the manufacturer of camping lights to give more functions, the lighting is designed to have the function of flashing strong light, this function is mainly in the terrain complex need to help, as a help signal used, Camping Light although the above-mentioned improved camping lamp has a more powerful function, but the light end of the spotlight effect is not strong, Most of its improvement is concentrated in the lighting structure, Camping Light so the improvement of the structure of the luminaire has to be strengthened, a more humane multi-functional camping lights need to appear in the market.

Camping lights can be hoisted arbitrarily. In order to solve the existing technical problems, the utility model adopts the following technical scheme: a camping lamp, including the top cover, the lamp holder and the transparent hood, each end of the transparent hood is connected with the top cover and the lamp holder respectively, a switch switch and a light source controlled by the switch switch are arranged on the lampholders, Camping Light and a battery is arranged in the Lampholders, and the top cover is provided with a light terminal An optical device is arranged on the light end, and the inner part of the transparent hood is provided with a supporting structure which controls the expansion of the transparent hood, and the switch switch is a button switch, Camping Light and a handle is arranged at the tail of the lampholders. A camping lamp, wherein the tail of the lampholders is provided with a magnet. The above-mentioned kind of camping lamp, the transparent hood and the camping lamp as a whole structure. A camping lamp described above is a convex lens. A camping lamp, wherein the supporting structure is a compression spring. The above-mentioned kind of camping lamp, the light source is led lamp. The above-mentioned kind of camping lamp, Camping Light the transparent cover is transparent cloth or matte material. The utility model has the beneficial effect that the light-bulb of the camping is a convex lens, with a strong concentrating effect, a far range, a transparent hood between the top cover and a lampholders, which can greatly improve the rain-proof function, the tail of the lamp holder has a handle and the camping lamp can be hoisted arbitrarily.

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